The Mountain Bike Event Blog for enduro mountain bike events across the United States

Hi, my name is Jordann and I love to mountain bike.

I’m a solid weekend warrior and I love traveling with my family and friends to new mountain bike destinations. Besides mountain biking, I love geology and palentology… if we are riding together I may stop to check out a cool rock or find a place to hunt some dino tracks. Melding science and outdoor activities is my jam.

I’m not a professional mountain biker, I’ve never done an enduro race, but I love it and I want to promote the enduro community to include weekend warriors like me!

The Mountain Bike Event includes more of an all-mountain or enduro style mountain bike focus. Featuring enduro races across the US and other fun mountain bike events including mountain adventure films!

There are plenty of other great resources to check out event calendars and blogs for cross-country, endurance, or beginner riding. Check them out on my resources page (coming soon!).

I have a super awesome husband, Neal (who is also a mountain biker), and the most beautiful trail dog, Lily. Her favorite trails are in Moab, too.

Neal and I will be doing ourĀ first enduro race this year, and Lily will be cheering us on. We want to just try it out and finish, nothing crazy. Thanks for stopping by!